Professor Comes Forward & Town Holds Vape Meeting!

Professor Comes Forward & Town Holds Vape Meeting!

It's not surprising that the U.S. has a split crowd when it comes to vaping advocacy. But what is surprising, is that people in positions of influence or authority are starting to come forward to shed light on vaping- in a positive way.

Professor Adler, who teaches out of the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, wrote a paper labelled "Regulatory Obstacles to Harm-Reduction: The Case of Smoking".

Within the paper, he describes e-cigarettes and vaping as "the most promising smoking alternative to enter the market to date." Adler goes on to illustrate the lack of effect from classic NRTs like the patch and gun. He claims that these simply don't have the impact required to decrease the smoking rates.

The FDA's deeming rule, similar to the recent S-5 federal bill in Canada, categorizes e-cigarettes alongside tobacco products - regardless of the fact that they contain no tobacco.

Adler points out that the mistake many adults make, is believing that e-cigarettes are just as harmful as combustible cigarettes. He believes that regulating the information being shared about e-cigarettes will worsen the misconceptions.

But to see a scholar like Professor Adler come forward and stand against the decisions of the government bodies certainly sparks a flame of interest from the public.

We just have to make sure we support those in the community that support a smokers' ability to switch - otherwise their efforts are in vain.

Town Vape Meeting 

A small town in the States has a free vape meeting scheduled for April 12.

Put together by the Teen Advocacy Coalition, the even seeks to educate the public on e-cigarettes, e-liquid and anything vape-related.

A Director of the Washington Poison Control Center is planned to speak at the event and address concerns about the "hazards that pose health risks" to the youth.

It sounds like it's going to be a negative experience but it seems that the members of the TAC invited Patel, simply to have somebody of "unbiased" position to explain the trend and the truth behind all the studies pushed in the media.



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