PMI Under Scrutiny for iQOS Trials

PMI Under Scrutiny for iQOS Trials

PMI's has been praised recently for pushing heat-not-burn products to their product line-up. Unfortunately the praise was short-lived as accusations developed via an article from Reuters, that talks about former employees of PMI involved in the clinical trials - they say that there are a number of irregularities in the research process.

Tamara Koval, who used to be the coordinator for PMI's trials, states that she was excluded from meetings after mentioning how uneasy she felt about the researchers and the labs contracted for the trials.

One section of the article reads "A second investigator submitted urine samples that exceeded what a human being is capable of, according to two former company employees, and then initially refused to acknowledge there was a problem. A third said he doesn’t hold such company-sponsored clinical trials in high regard, describing them as “dirty” because their purpose is more commercial than scientific."

If you want to read the article in full, you can check it out here.

Big tobacco was gaining some ground with public support and trust after many investments into heat-not-burn products instead of combustible tobacco products, however, as more people read articles like this, there is no doubt that any trust lost will be significantly harder to win back.

It's very clear the true intentions of big tobacco companies are simply to stay relevant in today's world and piggy-back on the popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes. If smoking rates continue to drop, so will these companies bread and butter revenue - they need to stay relevant to stay in business.

More news regarding these heat-not-burn products will likely surface in the coming months, so stay tuned!

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