"Orchestrated Attack" On Vaping!

"Orchestrated Attack" On Vaping!

The vaping industry has been highly disruptive to the global economy that is smoking. Most of you already know that.

This video from Regulator Watch dives into the recent campaigns set up by numerous organizations to try and limit the industry's ability to help people switch from smoking.

While many shrug it off as a simple "they don't understand" situation, stemming from ignorance - some are saying it's a little more devious than that.

In the following video, popular YouTuber Dimitris Agrafiotis explains all the ways that other groups and industries are affected by the rise in vaping and the decline in smoking. It's all very ominous and should definitely be considered as a possibility.

We may think Canada is safe from this, but the reality is that smoking's a worldwide industry that has a sub-industry that is almost as large. That's a lot of jobs and money to be lost because of a harm reduction device being too successful.



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