Nicotine Strength: How Much Should You Have?

Nicotine Strength: How Much Should You Have?

Reading through some vaping news, blogs, and research I came across an article that you may find interesting. Now, nicotine has been discussed on almost every vaping website since vapers began blogging!

But the latest article from Vaping360 provides the image below to help guide your decision on how much nicotine you should look for in your e-liquid based on your previous smoking habits or what you want out of your vaping experience.

Knowing the amount of nicotine you need and why you need it is imperative to success during switching. One of the main reasons smokers go back to combustible cigarettes is because of dropping to lower nicotine levels too fast. Thankfully this image below breaks the levels down into simple-to-understand terms that you can associate with your situation.


I hope you find this little guide helpful. It helps to see it spread-out in image form as opposed to simply writing it all out!

Once you're all set on figuring out what level of nicotine you need, feel free to check out our range of e-liquid brands by clicking the banner below.




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