Nicotine & E-liquid Tips

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Nicotine & E-liquid Tips

Here are some quick tips if you use e-liquid with nicotine in it.

  • Reduce the nicotine content in one flavour/type of e-liquid at a time. Let your body adjust to it for a couple of weeks and then lower the nicotine strength again. Repeat as necessary. If you still craving nicotine at lower levels then start the process over again.

  • E-liquids with lower nicotine content generally have more flavour to them.

  • If you're getting too much nicotine you may experience nausea, throat & chest soreness, feeling lightheaded, headaches or possibly feeling like your heart is beating a little faster than normal.

  • Some nicotine e-liquids can stay vape-able for a long time!
    How long an e-liquid lasts is often due to the type of flavour (fruit flavours tend to breakdown the fastest), the light, heat and moisture around the liquid.

  • If you want maximum freshness - aim for room temperature (65-72 F*).
    If you choose to refrigerate your e-liquid, let it sit for a while before using it. Cold temperatures will thicken it.
    An airtight vial is ideal if you plan on storing your e-liquid longer than a few weeks.

Hopefully these little tips help!

To your health & happiness.



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