New York University Shows Support for Vaping

New York University Shows Support for Vaping

It seems the general public aren't done pushing against the restrictions on vaping in the US. New York University have published an article showing clear signs of support for vaping as far less harmful alternative to smoking.

The NYU research discussed how we should focus on reframing how society sees harm reduction tools. That will lead to the maximum potential benefit.

Alternative Nicotine Delivery Systems (ANDS) have been a topic of discussion among researchers across the country and they are all pointing to e-cigarettes as the baby-step toward complete smoking cessation. At worst, they will minimize the harm smoking causes by replacing a certain number of daily cigarettes smoked by an individual.

We all remember the popular report published back in 2015 indicating that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. Then the subsequent research published that supported the statistic. 

Most of it is down to the similarities in habits between the two. Giving ex-smokers, or current smokers trying to switch, a way to keep a couple of the physical habits without the influx of toxic chemicals into the body.

Dr. Gottlieb, the current FDA Commissioner has stated several times, they plan on making big changes to the way the US regulates both tobacco products and vaping products. 

You may have heard about the FDA delaying the deadlines until 2022 and with all the positive research toward vaping in recent years, we can definitely see a big change this year in regard to the public's view on vaping.



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