New Study: Vaping Rare For Non-Smoking Youth!

New Study: Vaping Rare For Non-Smoking Youth!

The last two months have seen headline after headline for teen vaping. If those news articles are anything to go by, children are picking up vaping in record numbers and those that started years ago have already moved on to tobacco cigarettes.

But what's the truth?

With phrases like "teen epidemic" and "vaping explosion" thrown around, it's hard to wade through the false claims and get to the data. But luckily, several vape journalists have done just that.

Last week a US study was published concluding that warnings against vaping will make cigarettes popular again are completely unfounded and that cigarette consumption among teens is at an "historic low".

The most recent study supports the findings of a similar study conducted in 2015.

The 2015 study showed that frequent smokers were 84 times more likely to vape daily than never-smokers. Another statistic was that infrequent smokers were 41 times more likely than never-smokers to vape frequently.

Clearly the warnings and headlines they're giving the public are not based on data.

Hopefully more articles like this one are shared around so that every smoker has the opportunity to switch to something much less harmful.



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