Menthol Cigs, Big Tobacco & a Thank You!

Menthol Cigs, Big Tobacco & a Thank You!

It appears as thought Ontario's ban on menthol cigarettes is paying off more than they thought it would.

It seems that while 14.5% of smokers had claimed they would attempt to quit should the ban go into effect, just one-month in, the true number reached as high as 29%.

This supports the Yale study that we had mentioned in a previous article, where a reduction in smokers would be over 4% if flavoured cigarettes were banned. What's important to note, is their other finding.

The Yale researchers also found that if e-liquid flavours were banned, there would be a probable 10 reduction in people who vape. But that many former smokers would end up resorting to smoking again, rather than stopping either habit altogether.

Tobacco or Health Not As Welcoming As You'd Might Think

Dr. Derek Yach, formerly an Executive Director at WHO, was recently barred from entrance to the Tobacco or Health conference in South Africa this month. 

The reason is that he has similar views to Ontario's very own Professor David Sweanor.

The view is that big tobacco may not be as terrible an entity as portrayed in the last couple of decades. It's a very controversial point-of-view, considering their stances are generally vape-friendly and most of the vape industry are smaller companies that rival big tobacco's push into the e-cigarette market.

They both believe that, rather than fighting against big tobacco companies, effort should be made to build an alliance. Why? Because big tobacco has much larger resources than any other groups could possibly put together.

If they are offering these resources to the cause of quitting smoking, and they are doing so on-record, Sweanor and Yach believe the resources should be taken and made-use-of, so long as it increases the rate at which people quit smoking.

While the vape shops in North America may feel they would suffer when companies like PMI and BAT launch new e-cigarette products - the truth is, vape shops and independent e-cigarette manufacturers have a loyalty that big tobacco simply cannot match.

On that note, we'd like to say thank you to everybody that buys from Ontario Vape as well as all the other hard-working vape shops across the world. Many of which were created by people who stopped smoking by switching to vaping.

Thank you so much, and VAPE ON!



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