Low Nicotine Cigarettes: Good or Bad?

Low Nicotine Cigarettes: Good or Bad?

Have you seen the FDA's new plan?

Low nicotine cigarettes are Gottlieb's new action-plan to decrease the smoking population. But a lot of people are claiming it will be unsuccessful before it's even begun.

FDA has deemed 2022 to be the year that all tobacco products (including vaping products) are submitted via application for market approval. Since nothing drastic can change until then, Scott Gottlieb has spearheaded the goal of a low nicotine cigarette that's designed to do two things:

  1.  People will eventually lose the addiction to cigarettes due to the low nicotine content, and will gradually give up.
  2. People who start smoking will not be "sucked in" by the nicotine addiction.

The idea first became popular in 1994 but it never gained traction, due to financial reasons and the driving force behind big tobacco within the country's economy at the time.

If this plan does not work, there's a good chance that vaping may be the next stepping stone for the FDA to get a smoke-free country. On the other hand, if low nicotine cigarettes do help to lower the smoking population, we may very quickly find vaping being pushed into the background, in-light of the FDA's new success!

This video shows the results of the biggest study that was published about nicotine content in cigarettes. Unfortunately, there just isn't enough data to offer any major assurances but Gottlieb believes the plan will work.



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