Latest Vape News

Latest Vape News

2018 has seen a some big changes in global vaping politics.


The biggest story you'll hear about this week is the unsurprising turn of events in which the CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald resigned.

Why is that vape news? Because the CDC has been a big obstacle for the vape industry in the United States. Their influence has led to certain restrictions in some states that limit a person's ability to switch from smoking to vaping.

Now, why did she get fired? Because Portico published the report featuring her investments into tobacco stocks. Even if we disregard the fact that CDC's slogan is "24/7:Saving Lives, Protecting People", having somebody in a highly influential position purchasing stocks in an industry that could be affected by her decisions is seen as big no-no.

Washington Vape Tax

Washington vapers could be looking at a 60% tax added to their vaping products.

Some politicians and lawmakers don't read up on history. Most people in the industry as a consumer or manufacturer understands that high-tax rates do not deter people from purchasing that product.

What it does is increases the likelihood of lower-income individuals purchasing from contraband distributors. High-tax rates historically increase black-market sales. 

The CASAA are trying to urge people to stand against the bill that's going to introduce the tax.

Singapore & Indonesia

While these countries are often looked over, since they're nowhere near Canada or the U.S., it's important to see how vaping is doing globally as most parts and products come from the far eastern countries. Not to mention the number of tourists that flock to these countries each year for a cheap vacation.

Singapore has implemented a vape ban that makes it illegal to even own a vaping device. Fines of up to $2,000 are threatened and officials have declared there will be no exceptions for foreign offenders.

Indonesia have decided to keep the vaping industry around but is taking a page out of Washington's book. They are planning a vape tax that exceeds fair percentages.

The trade minister has been put on record stating that vaping has the potential to harm the tobacco industry and even went as far as to suggest vapers should go back to smoking. There's some government support for you!




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