Key Facts On Vaping

Key Facts On Vaping

It's evident that people are still unsure of e-cigarettes and whether there's any truth to the dangers being broadcast across various media channels.

We all know that a great story, whether being told by a neighbor or by a journalist, makes for a captivating and influential experience.

If someone came up and told you that "e-cigarettes explode randomly" and that it's like "having a time-bomb in your pocket", you'll likely stay well away. But if that person was to explain the user error behind most worldwide cases of exploding batteries, suddenly the perception changes and it becomes relative to the other "dangerous" activities you take part in - driving, cellphone use, sleeping with electronics devices still turned on - the list is long.

This is another video from the NCSCT Films channel that goes in-depth in explaining vaping and e-cigarette use in a non-biased way. Using only the facts from data gathered over various studies.

If you know somebody who's finding it difficult to stop smoking and was thinking about switching but they're unsure of the safety of e-cigarettes - they should definitely watch this!



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