Is There Still a Conspiracy Against Vaping?

Is There Still a Conspiracy Against Vaping?

Early-to-mid 2017 there was a huge increase in articles and videos discussing the obstacles that vaping was facing at the time.

Many called it a conspiracy.

Below is a video on ODD (a YouTuber) who switched from smoking to vaping. He collected all the clips that he came across when doing his research and compiled it into one big video.

Looking into 2018, it seems as though all of the regulating bodies that have taken a neutral stance, are taking steps towards trying to please both sides of the fence. The problem is that one side has their lives at stake.

Much of the friction that vaping advocates receive are from people that misunderstand, not only the potential that vaping has for lowering the smoking population, but also misunderstand the mission that most vape shops have.

The focus on big tobacco steals light away from those who are building brands to help others. Many vape shops were started out of people making the switch then wanting to share that with others.

The question is: Do you still believe there is a conspiracy or do you think it's a simple case of people not being educated enough about the products? 

Either way, check out the video and decide for yourself.



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