Is the Growth of Vaping Hitting a Peak?

Is the Growth of Vaping Hitting a Peak?

It's been well over 10 years since e-cigarettes found their space in the market.

England saw the biggest and fastest response from the public from the start, which has helped with fair regulation and overall acceptance of vaping as a safer alternative to smoking.

North America's vaping industry grew at a more gradual rate, seeing vape shops pop-up across both the U.S. and Canada every year. The growth of the e-cigarette market has allowed for millions of people to stop smoking by making the switch.

But some believe that the industry is starting to reach the peak of it's growth phase.

In the UK, the rate of growth is slowing. In 2017, only 100,000 new vapers were reported versus the 800,000 reported from 2014. That's a significant decrease in the rate-of-growth.

Much of the slow-down could be due to the view people have on vaping. Last year, research was published displaying the concerning statistic that more people see vaping at least as harmful or more harmful than smoking regular cigarettes.

Much of people's reason for starting to smoke comes from childhood or their teen years. Once the current smokers have walked away from smoking, with or without vaping, the only people left for e-cigarette use would be the new generations that are addicted to cigarettes.

But as it stands, despite what anti-vaping groups are saying, the smoking rates among children and teens is dropping significantly.

Economically, things are looking great for vaping here in North America, but is England's plateau a sign of things-to-come in the U.S. and Canada?




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