Imagine a World Without E-cigarettes

Imagine a World Without E-cigarettes

It's easy to imagine living in a place that regulates e-cigarettes, even if the regulations are pretty harsh and unfair.

But can you imagine a scenario where your vaping products never existed?

Where would you think we would be as far as smoking rates go? Would they be in a similar state? Would we still see large declines in smoking-related deaths?

It's very hard to say if you're living in the US or Canada. So, let's take a little trip in our minds to Australia.

Unfortunately, those of the vaping community living down-under are using their e-cigarettes illegally. Without a prescription, you cannot purchase any e-liquid, mods or vape pens.

There are over 250,000 e-cigarette users in Australia and right now, it's hard to put a number on those that are doing so with a prescription. Should this continue to be a reality for them?

Dr Colin Mendelsohn (Tobacco Treatment Specialist) took part in an interview with Chris Kenny.

According to Dr Mendelsohn, people in Australia know that "vaping is far safer than smoking and it's a helpful substitute for a lot of smokers who just can't otherwise quit." - they're also aware that it holds no more than 5% of the risk of smoking combustible cigarettes.

He mentions the success that vaping has had in helping with declining smoking rates in populations overseas. Then goes on to state that "the health department just can't get its head around it."

As you may know there are countries worse off than Australia when it comes to vape restrictions. Most are found in Asia where tobacco industries make up large portions of the economy. Hopefully, with time, the influence of England, Canada and the US will start to make ripples and cause other governments to focus on reducing the smoking population.

For that to happen, we have to make sure we stay focused on helping the vaping community where we all live. Look out for vape news regarding new legislation and have a voice when things seem to be taking a negative turn.

As for us, we thank you for supporting us and everyone else out there trying to help people make the switch.

Have an awesome week and remember to Vape On!



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