Heat-not-burn Vs. Vaping

Heat-not-burn Vs. Vaping

Some of you may have heard about the big tobacco companies finding new innovative ways to deliver similar effects of smoking without the same amount of dangerous ingredients.

Phillip-Morris International have created the iQOS and while it has gained popularity in some countries, in other countries vaping has remained the most popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. British American Tobacco has their i-glo device that only recently got released in Canada and is already one of the most popular heat-not-burn devices. 

It was only going to be a matter of time before big tobacco started moving away from traditional smoking products and tried catching up with advancements in technology and society.

The question is; are they putting out a product that will truly help people like vaping has?

E-cigarettes have not only given people the chance to move away from smoking combustible cigarettes, but also to have a gradual shift away from nicotine altogether. The iQOS is simply a "tobacco stick" dipped in propylene glycol that, when heated to around 350-degrees, emits a smoke that delivers nicotine and many other ingredients. The difference between heating and burning is that burning causes a more extensive breakdown of the ingredients and the result is highly toxic to humans whereas heating will only emit a percentage of the total potential chemicals - making it less harmful.

Vaping on the other hand involves heating e-liquid, which usually consists of less than a dozen ingredients (versus combustible cigarettes' 7000+ chemicals), then inhaling the vapour that's released. There is no evidence of vaping being 100% safe and should not be considered healthy, however there are numerous studies available that claim vaping to be significantly less harmful than regular smoking.

So, if we look at vaping compared to Heat-not-burn devices, nine times out of ten, vaping will be the less harmful alternative because you have access to e-liquid that does not contain many of the chemicals you'll find in these new tobacco sticks. And while you can get flavoured tobacco sticks for the iQOS and i-glo, if you're prefer an alternative that won't taste like tobacco, you may be best taking the path of vaping as opposed to a heat-not-burn device.

Whatever allows you to move away from regular combustible cigarettes is a positive but just in case you are looking to pick up an e-cigarette just to try out vaping, this is a fantastic device to start with. 

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