Heart Surgeon Claims Vaping is Safer

Heart Surgeon Claims Vaping is Safer

*** interview video can be seen below...

Some of you already know of heart surgeon Dr. Gopal Bhatnagar.

He has been one of the most influential vaping advocates in Canada offering expert medical opinion on a topic that has been peaked more so with the inclusion of e-cigarettes and e-liquid in the legislation for tobacco products.

Regulator Watch, who's keeping a close eye on Bill 174 and Bill S-5, has sat down with Dr. Bhatnagar to find out more information on vaping from a medical standpoint.

Now, Dr. Bhatnagar is financially invested in the vaping industry and many use that against him when he offers his professional medical opinion. But the question you have to ask yourself is: As a doctor, why did he invest so heavily in vaping?

In the following interview he'll answer that and more - just click the play button to watch it!




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