Harm Reduction & Smokeless Tobacco

Harm Reduction & Smokeless Tobacco

A few weeks back we covered the release of data from this study from England that showed e-cigarettes were 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Then there was this study from New Zealand that, even from a different angle and methodology, supported and backed the findings from the previous study that PHE published.

No matter how much data we gather in the vaping community, until our voices become louder than the noise of those who haven't educated themselves on the subject, we will always face incredible obstacles in the implementation of fair rules and regulations around e-cigarettes and vaping.

Recently there was an article published on the research collected from a survey about smokeless tobacco products and how harmful adults think they are in comparison to combustible cigarettes.

The article stated that 66.8% of American adults did NOT believe smokeless tobacco products are less harmful than cigarettes. It then mentions that 22.2% did not know and that only 10.9% of American adults believed smokeless tobacco products to be less harmful.

An issue with this article was brought to light by Dr. Sweanor and Professor Rodu who commented that the article focuses too much on what the majority believed rather than using the opportunity to state the facts - such as the several studies showing that risks of smokeless tobacco are at most, 2% of what you'd get with smoking cigarettes.

This displays how narrow-minded these organizations can be when distributing information. It may not be intentional but if there are devices or methods that have the ability to reduce smoking-related health problems and deaths by a significant amount, it is ignorant to categorize them as positive or negative, black or white and they should be put on a scale that can assign specific degrees of harm so that the public can make educated decisions.

Here in Canada, in the meantime, we will wait to see the outcome of Bill S-5 and the future of the vaping industry!

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Have an awesome day and Vape On!




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