Getting More From Your Coils!

Getting More From Your Coils!

It's been a lot of politics lately, so let's change it up and discuss gear or equipment.

More specifically: Coils!

It's no secret that vaping is generally cheaper than smoking (unless you build and collect mods). But that benefit disappears when you don't maintain your gear properly.

It's very easy to ruin batteries, and sometimes you'll break the tank-glass - which will need replacing. Occasionally you'll drop and break your mod.

But what about the coils? Well, it turns out that many people are going through coils faster than they need to be. It's not because they're vaping more than everyone else, it's because they aren't getting the most out of each one.

Here's a few tips for you to get the most out of your coils:

  • Prime your coils
    • Saturate your wicking material by placing a drop in each juice hole, and in the head of the coil.
    • Inhale on the mod a few times WITHOUT touching the firing button (this spreads the e-liquid around)
    • Start vaping using a low temperature or power to begin with. Gradually work up to your normal range.
  • Don't hold the firing button for too long as you can vaporize all the e-liquid around the coil and you'll end up dry-burning - which doesn't end well for you or you coil!
  • Allow adequate time for the e-liquid to spread out again before inhaling again.
  • Always make sure you have enough e-liquid in your tank - it's easy to think you can get by with that little amount, but in some mods, that little amount will disappear quickly!
  • If you're into sub-Ohm vaping, try not to increase wattage too much or too frequently. Try only using higher power when you're looking for big clouds.
  • Clean your coils!
    • Excess e-liquid needs to be blown out first, then you can run your coil under hot water to remove any "Stuck" liquid.
    • Leave to dry on a paper-towel
    • Once dry, you can reattach the coil and fire it up to expand it.
    • Check for uneven heating on the coil - if you see uneven heating it may be time for a new coil!

We hope those help and you can save a little more on coils!

Have an awesome week!




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