Geekvape Aegis 100W - Video Review

Geekvape Aegis 100W - Video Review

This is just going to be a quick summary for an amazing mod called Aegis. Geekvape made this device and they made it very well!

We have not seen a mod go through this kind of abuse and survive in a very long time. Below we've included a video from RiP Trippers YouTube channel in which he shows you how durable this thing is.

RiP Tripper's isn't the only review video featuring the Aegis mod withstanding pressure and force that would usually make an e-cigarette crumble into dust. There are several that you can find that show sledgehammers, long-distance falls and foot-stomps being used to test the mod. In one video it seems to become damaged from a simple throw upwards and watching it land on concrete - but the mod worked upon replacement of the battery, some how the the battery became damaged but the mod itself was perfectly functioning!

If you're into construction work or perhaps you require something more durable because you're an active guy or girl, this mod will make you feel confident that your next vape will be just as good as your last no matter how many times you fell while skating or dropped the mod while hiking.

Here's the video from RiP Trippers:




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