FDA is Finally Catching Up! (and a Safety Reminder)

FDA is Finally Catching Up! (and a Safety Reminder)

While it doesn't help those of us in Canada right now, it's a great thing to read when the FDA says they are going to kick-start a smoking cessation campaign. Some of the decision may have been pushed forward due to the UK's success with Stoptober.

The campaign will focus on trying to stop smokers from making their purchase, much closer to the point-of-sale. So, when a smoker goes to buy their next pack they will be faced with signs stating "Every Try Counts".

Again, this is great news that they are following other countries' leads in the struggle against true tobacco products and smoking.

Even better was the news in August 2016 when the FDA commissioner discussed the review of current regulations around e-cigarettes. They aim to change the current perception the public and politicians have toward the role less-harmful products such as e-cigarettes have toward a smoking-free country.

As an irrelevant safety-note:

Due to the panic among the tobacco-profiteers in Thailand (the government), it's in your best interest as a vaper to either not go there, or don't go there with your e-cigarette.

There has been a bout of arrests made in the vaping community over there, including one popular YouTube vlogger. She has multiple charges that may be held against her, including “insulting officials performing their duty,”.

The main issue is that the leading tobacco product company in Thailand is owned by the government. Naturally they're protecting their assets. 

So, again, if you like to travel, please avoid Thailand. Or at the very least, ditch the e-cigarette and e-liquid before you enter the country!




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