FDA Giving US Vapers a Platform

FDA Giving US Vapers a Platform

Popular vaping influencers are annoyed by the lack of engagement from the vaping community regarding the FDA's potential flavour ban.

Scott Gottlieb has giving vapers on Twitter a platform in which to leave their comments and suggestions for vaping and how it's helped them - specifically, how flavours have helped them.

Unfortunately the response has been underwhelming, with only a few thousand comments but millions of vapers in the country, people like the infamous RipTrippers are taking to YouTube to try and get more people to offer their insight and stories. 

Why do we care as Canadians? Well, unfortunately the FDA in the United States sets a precedent for a lot of other developed countries, including Canada. Not to mention, highlighting the lack of input from the vaping community - we should be sure to not make the same mistake if something similar happens here.

Here's RipTrippers' video - WARNING: This video may contain minor profanity...



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