England Features the First Pro-Vaping Campaign

England Features the First Pro-Vaping Campaign

Public Health England has teamed up with the Independent British Vape Trade Association once again to offer a smoking cessation campaign that puts e-cigarettes at the center.

The two organizations worked together previously on the recent Stoptober campaign that was deemed a huge success. For those that don't know, Stoptober is the October campaign that tries to influence those that smoke, to stop!

England is consistently getting more encouraging news, if only the rest of the world could follow suit!

We just heard about another total vape ban. This time it's from Singapore. Many Asian countries have seen the introduction of an e-cigarette ban, so it isn't overly surprising. It is a shame, though, that smokers looking to switch to vaping have to find an alternative or not quit at all.

International views are slowly changing toward a more positive perception of e-cigarette use, with articles being published in many mainstream news outlets that feature vaping in a less demonized manner.

One of the articles is that of the Guardian (International version) that was published in December 2017, that states "...the evidence is unequivocal that vaping is much safer than smoking. But misinformation and scaremongering could still be putting people off switching".

With publicity like that, it's only a matter of time before other media outlets jump on the bandwagon and try to stay with the "trend".

In 2018, it will be interesting to witness the growth of the vaping industry and to see which countries end up at which end of the spectrum of a total ban vs. simple regulation. Here in Canada we have Bill S-5 being pushed through, and although it limits the products e-cigarette and e-liquid vendors can offer, which in turn hurts our customers choices and options when investing into an alternative to smoke - we should appreciate that the government hasn't put a total ban them.

We won't give up standing against legislation that unfairly restricts freedoms. We hope that every one will soon realize the differences and benefits that increased awareness, education and accessibility of vape products will bring to countries.




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