E-cigarettes: Ottawa Shops Rule!

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E-cigarettes: Ottawa Shops Rule!

Here in Ottawa, we live under the same provincial and federal restrictions as the rest of Canada. On this side of the border legislation seems to be guided by more of an inability to stay up-to-date with current research.

In the US however, there have been many states that have put as many restrictions on e-cigarettes (or vaping) and e-liquid as possible.

It has almost become an all-out war on the vape industry in some states.

There are many on both sides of the fence regarding the fairness of those restrictions – but the leading issue that nobody can deny is that the rules and regulations surrounding the vaping industry are decided upon by people who have little to no knowledge of e-cigarettes, e-liquid and the overall effect on humans.

When I say, “overall effect” I mean to include psychological and sociological aspects as well as the physiological (health) effects.

A recent example of what I’m talking about is one of the latest research documents from the CDC – if you’re interested in reading it in full, it’s here:


In this document, it discusses there is “no significant change in tobacco products [including e-cigs and e-liquid] being smoked by teens between 2011 and 2016”.

One fatal flaw with this research on the NYTS study is that it fails to mention that e-cigarettes fall under the same category as tobacco products.

Many of us know this already, however, did you know that when you remove the e-cigarette sub category and analyze it separately from the other tobacco products, there is a large decrease (over 50%) in tobacco product use by teens from 2011-2016.

But that’s not the best part – the use of e-cigarettes INCREASED during the same timeline.

This is just more proof that vaping in Canada is being chosen as an incredible alternative to smoking cigarettes!

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Here is the graph showing the decline in smoking vs. increase in vaping (courtesy of NYTS):





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