E-cigarettes - Can I Start Vaping?

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E-cigarettes - Can I Start Vaping?

What is vaping? Can I vape?

You may have seen thick plumes of mystical smoke trailing around somebody as they walk down the street or you may have witnessed a magical event where somebody created a cloudy replica of the Taj Mahal with one inhalation using the latest Smok Alien mod.

That is vaping!


Thanks to Twisted Lyon for this awesome shot.

To vape is to use a special type of e-cigarette (e-cig) - I don't mean the cig-a-like from 2008 - it can be square and boxy looking like the Smok Alien mentioned above or smooth and cylindrical like the Kangertech Esmart.

The difference between smoking cigarettes and vaping with an e-cig (or vaporizer) is that contents you inhale are much less harmful to your body!

Smoke from a cigarette contains over 7000 chemicals and around 70 of those are carcinogenic (basically they're poisonous to our body).

Vapor, however, contains mostly water, some glycerin blend, nicotine and flavoring from the e-liquid you choose.

You may find that some of the e-liquid doesn't contain nicotine as many people start vaping to quit smoking so being able to step-down and eventually eliminate nicotine is important to them.

To answer the second question for you, YES! You can start vaping today.

There are many vape shops all over the world so finding one close to your location will be easier than you think.

Ontario Vape Company has storefront locations in Ottawa, Carleton Place, Prescott and Kingston.

This is awesome if you're looking to talk to somebody face-to-face about how to get started and get some great suggestions on which is the best e-cigarette for you

We also have this online store if you aren't located in Ontario or close to the locations listed above.

If you're still a little hesitant and want to learn a little more about e-cigarettes and vaporizers, sign-up for our newsletter and get notified when we post our next article on Buying Your First Vape Kit.

To your health and happiness!




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