Dynamic Regulations in Canada, Info-blocking in U.S. &  Acceptance in Russia

Dynamic Regulations in Canada, Info-blocking in U.S. & Acceptance in Russia

There's so much going on in the world when it comes to vaping!

Where many countries would band together and make a similar, if not uniformed, decision on most topics - vaping is not one of them.

Views on vaping from government bodies has varied from the complete negative to the utmost positive anyone could be.

So, while many Eastern countries such as Thailand and Taiwan have completely banned (or are in the midst of banning) e-cigarettes and e-liquid, countries like Russia are focused on introducing light regulations that focus on migrating smokers over to the vaping industry.


In Canada, the country is more divided in vape regulation. Some provinces like Ontario have created bills that target vaping as a potential hazard to the general population while others like Saskatchewan have slowed the process of regulations and are awaiting direction from the federal government. 

Big tobacco in Canada is asking for a more dynamic approach to regulating tobacco products (which currently includes e-cigarettes) - they want to see regulations that change based on the risk of the specific product.

That would be a very positive change, in favour of the vaping industry. Naturally, big tobacco is doing this for their own gain, but the entire vaping industry would benefit from these changes to Bill S-5.


Some states in the U.S. have put info-blocking regulations in-place that limit vape shops from educating customers. This is something we, in Canada, have feared from Bill 174 and S-5.

For example, the FDA have decided that statements about relative health risks in the comparison of vaping to smoking are not allowed. While the statements made are often true (such as vaping being 95% less harmful that smoking) the FDA have banned such language completely.

It hasn't gone unnoticed, however. 

The Attorney General has put focus on the fact that the FDA should allow the public to have all and any information available, so that they can make their own informed decision.


Russia seem to be heading for an all-out switch from smoking to vaping, according to recent events.

Talk of vaping taxes being lower than tobacco, and that regulations would be separate from tobacco.

This could be a political push to exploit an industry for more money, as the talk seems to be coming from the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade. But that doesn't mean it's wrong - anything that gets smokers away from combustible cigarettes is a positive thing!

The one country that surprised everybody with their strict laws is Australia. But perhaps with the push from the public, there will be a change coming soon.




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