"Death From Fentanyl Vape" Story Isn't True

"Death From Fentanyl Vape" Story Isn't True

Despite a mayor coming forward to explain that it isn't true, the story of a child dying from a fentanyl-laced e-cigarette is still making its way around social media.

Kids out of a small town in B.C. began spreading a rumor that their friend had died after one inhalation of a vape pen. The mayor had received word and immediately sent out a statement along with accusatory statements about the dangers of vaping and opioid use - as though they're one and the same.

Fortunately, the story turned out to be false and the mayor came forward with an apology. This is a classic case of hear-say and hysteria having a large influence over people's decisions.

Many believe that the rumor started after the story of Kyle Losse's death made headlines. Kyle had collapsed and was found later in his bathroom with a vape pen next to him. 

Below, you can listen to the mayor's story taken from the recording of a meeting. The story is told at 47 minutes in - it should start there automatically.




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