Breaking News: Vaping is Not Safer Than Breathing Air

Breaking News: Vaping is Not Safer Than Breathing Air

 Another study making it's way around social media and news outlets is causing panic among parents.

Of course, it's being used as a classic scare-mongering tactic by associating vaping with cancer. 

Check out the video coverage from NBC below.

If we take a look at the study, it actually states that "Although e-cigarette vapor may be less hazardous than tobacco smoke, our findings can be used to challenge the idea that e-cigarette vapor is safe..." 

That's right. Admittedly less hazardous than smoking, but still not "safe".

We don't think that our customers and other vaping individuals believe that vaping is 100% safe. The ideology behind vaping is that it is a safer alternative to smoking - which, even this study supports.


Almost everything humans partake in, in the post-industrial world, has consequences on a chemical level. Even the cheap plastics found in many modern cars was found to release extremely toxic chemicals on hot days. Chemicals that we would then inhale for the duration of us being in the vehicle while it's cooling down.

Of course, we know that cars still serve a purpose. They get us from A to B in a fraction of the time. So, we didn't ban or regulate them in any way (outside of legal age of use).

Well, vaping gets smokers from one point, to a second point, with a fraction of the risk.

Limiting teen access to vaping is definitely something the entire industry (worldwide) should consider very important.

There is no denying that.

But demonizing the entire vaping community while other teens are devouring tide-pods, makes it seem like the focus is misplaced.

The study found higher concentrations of toxins in the e-cigarette group than in the control group. A result that they should have been expecting. However, one finding was that fruit or candy flavored e-liquid seemed to cause higher concentrations of some chemicals than other flavours.

This may be something that the industry could look into: Better ways to create certain flavours, that lower the risk. After all, making e-cigarette use as safe as possible is a positive thing for everyone. 

We will keep an eye on this study to see how quickly it is shared and/or exaggerated.



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