Bill S-5: Waiting For What?

Bill S-5: Waiting For What?

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For those of you who have been struggling to find information on Bill S-5, here's a brief summary we've sourced from several places.

As it stands, Bill S-5 has been awaiting royal assent since May 10 of 2018.

The bill originally threatened all major flavours and brands, however, the scope has been narrowed significantly.

But to say the vape industry won't be affected is a huge understatement. Listed below are some main points to Bill S-5 as it pertains to vaping and e-liquid.

The following points were taken from Vapes.com;

  • Bill S-5 restricts “lifestyle” advertising for vaping products, or marketing campaigns “that could be construed on reasonable grounds to be appealing to young persons.”
  • Sales to minors are also prohibited.
  • Even the purchasing of vaping products to be given as gifts to minors is prohibited (both the adult and the minor may get into legal trouble).
  • Health Canada has the authority to implement many of the new or existing tobacco-related advertising restrictions on vaping products, as well, which means that plain packaging requirements for vaping may be applicable in the future.
  • Bill S-5 also bans the sales of e-liquid flavors mimicking confectionary, dessert, cannabis, soft drink, and energy drink products.
  • The legislation also forbids multiple e-liquid ingredients and additives, including amino acids, caffeine, coloring agents, essentially fatty acids, glucuronolactone, probiotics, taurine, vitamins, and minerals.


As you can see, the two key things that will have a big impact on vapers are the restrictions on advertising - who's perception decides if something is appealing to youth or not? - and the ban on confectionery and dessert flavours. The former also includes energy and soft-drink flavours.

Many adults used sweet-tasting e-liquid to help feel better about the transition from cigarettes to vaping. By removing them from a product line-up, the industry will lose the ability to help tens-of-thousands of people who rely on those flavours as their daily reminder of how much they prefer vaping to smoking.

To jump back to the point of advertising, we will have to wait to see examples of what would be considered restricted advertising or promotional material.

Once S-5 finalizes, manufacturers, distributors and vendors all have 180 days to become compliant.

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