Bill S-5 Makes Progress

Bill S-5 Makes Progress

On January 30, 2018 Bill S-5 went to committee.

Bill S-5 is the omnibus act that will limit the vaping industry's ability to help smokers switch. There are certain regulations many in the community would agree with, however, lumping vaping in with Tobacco products creates restrictions based on false presumptions.

Taking a moment to read through the transcriptions from each politician, it's easy to recognize the lack of education in e-cigarettes, e-liquid and the reasons behind the majority of the market. 

Yes, there have been youngsters using e-cigarettes out of experimentation. Yes, there have been studies showing health concerns in mice that are sprayed with an aerosol with high-nicotine content. From a logical viewpoint, that should not lead to the conclusion that "vaping is a negative habit that should be squashed before it spreads."

Here are a few quotes from some of the MPs that show a lack of understanding:

Kevin Lamoureux - "There is a growing body of evidence that the chemicals in these products may be dangerous."

> What growing body of evidence? There have been no active human participants in any study concluding negative effects from e-cigarette use. There have been studies on mice, rats, cell cultures and machine equipment that read levels of certain chemicals.

Luc Berthold - "...they do not say whether vaping is more or less harmful to one's health than smoking regular cigarettes."

> The latest headliner study did not offer that conclusion but there have been several published articles of research that support vaping as being up to 95% less harmful alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Taking time to research the subject would have offered this information.

Sylvie Boucher - This was an early statement from Sylvie,
"In 2016, 24 studies, including three randomized clinical trials were reviewed. Two of the trials, with a total of 662 participants, showed that people using e-cigarettes with nicotine were more likely to stop smoking for at least six months, compared with those in the control group, who received a placebo without nicotine. We have to make a distinction between the two."

However, she then goes on to say, "I would like a distinction to be made between vaping with nicotine, which is just as harmful as smoking since it replaces cigarettes, can be habit forming..."

Any research into nicotine will tell you that, while overuse of any drug will cause negative effects (even that Tylenol or Advil in your house), even long-term moderate nicotine use has minimal, if any, negative effects on health. With smoking combustible cigarettes, it is the cocktail of deadly chemicals that burning tobacco releases that is detrimental to human health.

We could keep listing the comments made by some of these individuals, but as you can imagine, there are a lot of uneducated assumptions being made by both conservative and liberal sides.

This is just another testament to the fact that we, as vapers, need to spread awareness and education as much as possible to ensure that as many people as possible make the switch.





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