Bill 174 and S-5 Get Media Attention

Bill 174 and S-5 Get Media Attention

It seems as though the media has picked up on the recent push from the vaping community to remove vaping from Bill 174 and S-5 and set up separate regulations.

There will most likely be more news to follow, due to today's (Saturday 25th November) rally at Queens Park in Toronto.

E-cigarette store owners like Maria Papaioannoy have been interviewed by the media and have voiced the concern that this carpet-bomb strategy toward vaping, smoking and cannabis regulation contradicts the governments goal to lower the smoking rate within the Canadian population.

Many vape shop owners are concerned that they will no longer be able to educate the public on proper e-cigarette use, as well as difference between different e-liquids. Without having access to this information, many will not make the effort to switch to vaping, which in recent studies has been shown to be 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes. 

Eric Hoskins, the Health Minister stated that these bills are to restrict a young person's access to these products. He also mentions that Bill 174 allows the opportunity to for specific establishments to be exempt from the regulations - for example, cigar shops often allow for smell-testing and examination of the product before purchasing, because you have to be over 19 to access the store.

The passing of these bills could spell the end for e-liquid flavours as many of them are believed to be aimed at young people - as if older generations don't enjoy the flavour of apple crisp or bubblegum!

Hoskins talks about a meeting with certain individuals from the vaping community next week to address any concerns before Bill 174 passes. Hopefully the opportunity to communicate issues with him will create change and he's not just going through the motions of a discussion just for the sake of reputation.

Now, with the possibility of e-liquid flavours being banned. It may be time to stock up on some of your favourites! 

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