Big Tobacco Stealing the Spotlight?

Big Tobacco Stealing the Spotlight?

Back in August, it was announced that Philip Morris' iQOS (new tobacco-heating device) has surpassed all expectations of sales and popularity.

The device is similar to a standard e-cigarette, only instead of heating e-liquid, there are "heated tobacco sticks" that you slide in the end and can heat the tobacco just enough to allow for the flavour to become available without many the toxic chemicals that come along with burning the tobacco and breathing in the smoke.

In July 2017, in ONE country, there was an average of 8,000 people switching to iQOS daily. This is the power that can be harnessed by corporations with large marketing budgets - these are numbers no e-cigarette manufacturer can stand up against. But the question is, should we?

The same skeptical views that vapers face are now also being faced by Philip Morris. The Managing Director in the UK , Peter Nixon stated: "We are absolutely serious - one day we want to stop selling cigarettes."

The recent boom in the last decade within the health and fitness industry has spilled off into almost every other market. Companies are no longer getting away with openly selling harmful products. A big example could be seen in McDonalds offering more salad options and even the introduction of the new McVegan burger to North America.

The tobacco industry is no exception. Thanks to the popularity of e-cigarettes and vaping, people have a far safer option to smoking and it was only a matter of time before big tobacco found a way to profit from the trend.

Anything that allows people to live healthier lives should always be supported, however, with the sheer volume of studies that currently back vaping as a safer alternative, it will be interesting to see if the iQOS does as well in the long-term.

We will be keeping our eyes peeled!

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