Big Tobacco Faces Big Brother!

Big Tobacco Faces Big Brother!

With many voicing their opinion that "it's about time", it seems as though there is a new organization that is going to be putting a new type of pressure on big tobacco.

Recently, Phillip Morris International began pushing their new slogan, "Designing a Smoke-Free Future". 

The new focus for the company, and many other tobacco companies, is both raising alarms for some and giving others hope.

While there are certain individuals that think anti-smoking groups would benefit from the vast resources of big tobacco, in anti-smoking groups and vaping communities, the doubt and lack of trust is high.

A section of Bloomberg called Bloomberg Philanthropies has begun funding an organization called STOP. The new organization has one mission: to "aggressively monitor deceptive tobacco industry tactics and practices [that could] undermine public health"

The name is an acronym that stands for: Stopping Tobacco Organisations and Products.

This new watchdog will not only monitor the tactics and track the data - they're also going to publish it globally. With countries like the U.S., Canada and the U.K. seeing rapidly falling smoking-rates, the tobacco industry has pushed for more sales in lower income countries.

It is only conjecture at this point, however, the sudden introduction of bans on e-cigarettes in some countries may have something to do with the economic benefit that tobacco products can bring (taxes collected by the governments).

The Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, led by Derek Yach (a former executive director at WHO), was created to do unbiased reviews and studies on tobacco-related products. Yach claims the foundation is "devoid of influence from the tobacco industry", however, it is currently funded by PMI.

Due to the funding from PMI, many have avoided collaboration with the foundation, making it difficult for Yach to continue making progress.



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