Authorities Making Corrective Statements on Vaping?!

Authorities Making Corrective Statements on Vaping?!

People in the US may have seen the new anti-smoking ads that have been pushed on to popular television networks. This is all part of a court-mandated correction campaign that Altria Group is funding for an entire year!

British American Tobacco PLC and Philip Morris USA were the first to finalize their lawsuits that started almost two decades ago. Why the lawsuit? Well, going further back, big tobacco companies used to advertise their products on television, claiming positive results from skewed studies funded by the companies. 

If we look at vaping in the same way, you'll see that it's actually many of the faces in politics that have taken the place of big tobacco and the vaping community is suffering the result.

These politicians and anti-vaping groups have released several statements and press releases that drive a negative perception of vaping onto the general public. Many of those people are smokers looking to make the switch - what do you think happens when they hear these exaggerated, and often false, claims?

Even the CDC has released information that claimed vaping was harmful to society as it lures teens into the habit which acts as a gateway to smoking combustible cigarettes. They even went on to say that e-cigarettes are the most common tobacco product among teenagers, which is an oxymoron in itself.

The negative connotation associated with vaping has caused many smokers to stay away and remain addicted to a habit that was recently considered by Public Health England to be 95% more harmful than the electronic alternative.

Sally Satel MD, Resident scholar of The American Enterprise Institute and Guy Bentley, a Research Associate of The Reason foundation made the statement:

"“Now would be a good time for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Surgeon General – two entities entrusted to give the public credible health information – to make their own corrective statements.”

Many in the vaping community, and some outside of the industry, believe that these politicians, organizations and groups should retract their negative claims and should be releasing corrective statements to undo some of the damage done.

They feel people should feel positive about having a less harmful alternative. The more people who step away from smoking, the more lives are saved.



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