Are there "Side Effects" to Vaping?

Are there "Side Effects" to Vaping?

With anything you put in your body whether it's ingested, inhaled or injected - there are a set of effects on a chemical, molecular or cellular level, that make changes to your body.

Some of those changes are obvious and others aren't. Some of those changes have a positive effect, and sometimes the changes cause negative effects.

So, when people say "side effects", generally they're talking about the negative changes that take place. But there are negatives and positives to anything - how you make your decision on what you put in your body is usually dictated by the reward of the positive changes versus the risk of the negative changes.

We know that there is a significant chance of being involved in a car accident every time we take a drive. But we drive our cars anyway because the reward of time-saved and minimal effort outweighs the probability of an accident occurring.

But needless to say, vaping and negative effects have been tied pretty closely in the media - so let's take a look at this video from Dash Vapes, to understand what effects there are...



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