Another Longer-term Study: Good News!

Another Longer-term Study: Good News!

It's not even the end of January and the vaping community already has great news to share with people on the fence about switching.

You may remember last month, a longer-term study from Dr. Polosa was highlighted with thanks to Regulator Watch.

Well, here we are again with another longer-term study. Why are we saying "longer" instead of just "long"? That's because it's longer than the rest but is still closer to a "medium-length" study.

That aside, it's more incredible news for those who had health concerns involving e-cigarettes.

The study consisted of over 200 participants that switched from smoking to vaping. Researchers looked at any adverse events, vital signs, electrocardiogram, lung function nicotine exposure and many other factors.

There were several adverse events that were initially triggered by the switch, most likely to do with taking the body into a new "environment". Those events consisted of coughs, headaches, sore throat and nasopharyngitis (the common cold).

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms seemed to subside around month 2. Both smoking desire and regular cigarette use gradually decreased over the study, in all participants. 

The main point: There were no negative health effects from the e-cigarette use!

The e-cigarette they used was the Puritane - an old model from Fontem Ventures. One of the original e-cigarette products!

Some critics will most likely speak up due to the study being funded by a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco, however, the researchers were from multiple third-party groups are well-respected in their fields. Plus, they were using a real e-cigarette instead of a heat-not-burn product!

That's a win in our book!

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