5 Biggest Myths About Vaping

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5 Biggest Myths About Vaping

I'm sure many of you have heard each of these myths at least once since you started vaping.

The video below goes in-depth into them all but let me summarize some of the points they have for you.

MYTH 1 - Vaping increases your chances of getting pneumonia!

Professor Riccardo Polosa M.D., P.H.D has stated the following;

"There is no way vaping could put people at risk for lipoid pneumonia simply because vaporization of commercially available e-liquids do not contain fat-like material."

E-liquid doesn't contain lipids therefore it cannot cause the pneumonia that people were suggesting it did.

MYTH 2 - E-Cigs don't help people stop smoking!

I'll let you listen to the guys on the video for this one, you'll know why when you watch it!

Although here's an interesting study to check out.

MYTH 3 - E-cigs are prone to exploding randomly!

Anytime you have conductive metal touch an exposed battery (i.e. loose change in your pocket) it'll hard short and, as the gentleman on the video so eloquently put it, "...bad things are gonna happen..."

The other issue that caused a few e-cigarette explosions was the use of an incorrect charger. All those confusing numbers to do with electricity matter.

MYTH 4 - Vaping gives you popcorn lung!

There have been no reported cases of vapers getting popcorn lung. Ask yourself how long e-cigarettes have been around.

In the popcorn factories that had cases of employees developing popcorn lung, the symptoms started within two years. E-cigarettes have been popular for far longer and many vapers have been using them for well over a decade.

MYTH 5 - Vaping is basically inhaling anti-freeze!

This one started because somebody noticed that propylene glycol is in both e-liquid AND anti-freeze products. Luckily it's found in many anti-freeze products now because it's a safer alternative to the hazardous chemical they used to have.

Here's the video if you want some more in-depth opinions on these vaping myths.



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