Ottawa Vape Shops: 3 Things You Should Look for!

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Ottawa Vape Shops: 3 Things You Should Look for!

In the past decade vape shops have popped up everywhere – for example: We’re not just located in Ottawa, you'll find us in Kingston, Prescott and Carleton Place too! Vaping has exploded as a trend and for many, a lifestyle.

Fun Fact: Believe it or not, the original e-cigarette was
created by Phil Ray and Norman Jacobson back in 1979 / 1980.
They even coined the term “vape”!

Back to today though. In Ottawa I can think of 4 other vape shops off the top of my head – some of the hardcore vapers probably know of several more that I’ve never heard of.


 Three Things You Should Look for in a Vape Shop! 

  1. Quality Products – This seems obvious but there have been several kiosks here in Ottawa that were selling cheap knock-offs of popular vape brands.

    Cheap products not only fall apart or fail faster, they can also be dangerous! Don’t risk a poorly made battery / charging set up – we’ve all seen those photos of people who had their e-cigarette explode in their pocket or their hand.

    Great brands have everything working together properly. Lowering the risk of a battery malfunction, leaking or screen issues on your new box mod. Also look out for well-reviewed and good quality e-liquid!

  2. Knowledgeable Staff – Again, you’d think that staff at a store would know some useful information about what they sell. This is not always the case.

    If you happen to come across staff that know very little about the products they sell, you may have to question any suggestions they have or even if the products they have in-store are good quality!

  3. Care for the Customer – Finding a vape shop or a small e-cigarette kiosk that cares can be difficult.

    When you enter a vape shop – whether it’s in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney (Australia) or London (UK) – means you had a goal. You could have been browsing, which means your goal was probably information. It could have been leaving with your first kit, which means your goal is to get started with vaping.

    Some people are switching from smoking to vaping and it can be a difficult process to go through for some. Caring for that person and making sure they feel secure in their investment – their new e-cigarette, will make that person feel at ease and more likely to have the best possible experience.

    Great staff will ask questions to find out what your goal is and deliver the help and information you need to get you to that goal. Make sense?

    They should care about you getting exactly what you’re looking for rather than what they want to sell you. If you don’t feel that the staff care about you – maybe you’re in the wrong place!

Finding a Vape Shop in Ottawa

Naturally I’m going to be a little biased here and suggest you check out Ontario Vape Company.

We have locations in Ottawa, Kingston, Prescott and Carleton Place. We even have an online store if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home!

CLICK HERE to check out the online store.

We look forward to meeting you 😊

To your health and happiness!



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