2018: The Year of Vaping!

2018: The Year of Vaping!

Ok, the title is a bit much.

But don't you want to see the vaping community grow and the smoking community shrink?

Well, if we want to see all those people making the switch, we need to make sure the vaping community can actually be there for them.

If we allow the governments to limit vape shop owners and distributors to unfair regulations, we can say goodbye to vaping as we know it today. Countries all over the Asian continent are battling vaping restrictions.

Taiwanese officials are looking to impose a new law essentially destroying all trace of vaping products. Thailand is handing out ten-year sentences to people who are caught using an e-cigarette or selling e-liquid.

Even India seems to be crawling toward a total e-cigarette ban!

European governments have generally been more accepting of the vaping culture and the positive benefits e-cigarettes can have when people do decide to switch. But this hasn't been without struggle. Behind the lifting of bans and other restrictions were political debates and vaping advocates standing up to the legislation and laws being proposed.

Here in Canada we face the federal Bill S-5 and in Ontario, we face Bill 174 that was originally designed for Cannabis-use but somehow vaping has been included under schedule 3!

So, it's up to us to make sure we do something whenever we have the chance. Whether it's petitions, rallies, protests or debates - we have the power to display our frustration and anger with the poor decisions being made up-the-chain.

If you love vaping as much as we do and want to keep your freedom, do what you can to support it!

Support vape shops and vape advocates where you can and remember, VAPE ON!




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