What is an Open Pod System?

What is an Open Pod System?

Today we’re going to be going in depth into what a pod system vaporizer is, what it’s used for, what you can expect with one and more!

First and foremost - what is an open pod system? 

To put it simply, open pod systems are compact refillable devices that use a pod instead of the traditional tank atomizer. Instead of changing coils like you would in a traditional tank, pods have a built in coil. This means that when your pod burns out you replace the whole pod instead of just the coil. This makes pod systems a lower maintenance system and are often a good option for beginning your journey to quit smoking. 

Most frequently people use something called salt nicotine inside of pod systems. Salt nicotine replicates the throat hit of traditional cigarettes while maintaining a strong flavour and giving an all around satisfying hit. Nicotine salt is used at a lower wattage and typically in smaller devices - like open pod systems.

Why would you use a pod system?

Pod systems offer a good entry way into transitioning from smoking to vaping. By offering a lower maintenance option and prices ranging from $35 - $60 on average, open pod systems are a lower investment giving people the option to start their vaping journey without breaking the bank or having to learn something that they may find confusing or difficult to get the hang of.

You can check out out selection of pod systems online HERE!



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