Everything You Need To Know About XTAR VC2 and VC4 Battery Chargers

Everything You Need To Know About XTAR VC2 and VC4 Battery Chargers

Today we’re taking a look at the XTAR VC2 and VC4 USB LCD li-ion battery chargers! These two chargers have a host of features to make taking care of your batteries even easier and help protect your investment!

What does an external battery charger do?

External battery chargers are the best way to charge your batteries in vapes that use external batteries like 18650s and 21700s. By using an external battery you're able to fully charge your batteries and make sure the cells in the battery are not discharging. 

Why should I use an external battery charger?

External battery chargers help prolong the life of your batteries. When charging external batteries through the ports on your devices they don’t stop charging until you unplug the device. This means that it will overcharge the cells, damaging the battery and shortening the lifespan.

What do the XTAR chargers do differently?

Unlike other chargers on the market, XTAR chargers allow you to see the real time charging current, battery voltage and charging capacity with the LCD screen on the charger. Furthermore, the charger is able to detect and revive over-discharged batteries.

Along with the fancier features, the XTAR chargers use a three stage charging cycle to help protect your batteries and their lifespan, precisely cutting off at 4.2 volts to make sure they don’t overcharge. 


External batteries are best charged with external chargers, this helps you prolong the life of your batteries and protect your investment! While there are many options for external chargers on the market, XTAR chargers offer affordable prices with high end technology that can be used by anyone regardless of experience level! 



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