Everything You Need to Know About Variable Wattage

Everything You Need to Know About Variable Wattage

Today we’re going to be taking a dive into the world of variable wattage, how it works, why you would use it and how to know what wattage is right for you!

What is variable wattage?

First things first, what exactly is variable wattage? To put it simply, a device with variable wattage will allow you to control the power in the device and allow you to control how hot the vapour is and how much vapour it produces. 

Why use variable wattage?

Variable wattage allows you to customize your vaping experience to best suit you and your tastes! Variable wattage also means you have more of a range of coils and tanks you can use with your device.

Is variable wattage safe?

Most devices on the market with variable wattage contain chip sets that make sure that your vaping experience is a safe one. Everything we sell at Ontario Vape features a max wattage and many of the devices are even able to read different coils so it will automatically put you in the best rated range for your coil. With these devices even if you put your device at the highest wattage it will go, the worst that will happen is you will get a dry hit and burn your coil.

What devices have variable wattage?

Most box mods will have variable wattage as well as some pod mod systems and a few pod systems. Typically wattage will be controlled with one or two buttons on the device. These devices will also feature a screen to show you what your wattage is at. These screens will often also show your battery status and a puff counter to allow you to track your usage.

What wattage should I set my device at?

Everyone has different preferences on wattage. A good starting point is to look at what your coil or pod is rated at. This is typically found directly on the coil or pod or on the box of your coils or pods. You can also find this info out by using google and looking for the rating for your coil or pod.

Most often your rating will look something like “40W - 60W”, this means your coil or pod is rated best for use at forty to sixty watts. When testing out what feels good we always recommend to start low and bring it up slowly so you can find your perfect fit!


Variable wattage is a great tool for you to customize your vaping experience. When used with a mod or a pod/tank with a range of coils it’s also a great option to allow you to try a wider range of coils/tanks to find your perfect fit!



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