Everything You Need to Know About The STLTH

Everything You Need to Know About The STLTH

Today we’re going to be diving into the STLTH - a disposable pod system. STLTH is a proudly Canadian company that offers their own disposable pod system.

What is a STLTH and How is it Used?

To put it simply, the STLTH is a disposable pod system. The device itself is very simple - the battery has a 420mAh capacity and charges via micro USB. To use it you simply pop in a pre filled pod and inhale. Once the pod is empty, dispose of it and put in a new filled pod.

What Kinds of Pods Do They Sell?

STLTH offers around 70 types of pods, everything from tobacco to pink lemonade. They've expanded their flavour range by co packing their pods with some of your favourite Canadian liquid companies like Lemon Drop, Fruitbae, Naked, Rope Cut and many, many more. 

Beyond that, there are many companies that make pods that are compatible with the STLTH. One of the largest and most common brands of pods like this are called Zpods. This expands the flavour range even more!


For someone looking for an easy fuss free device the STLTH offers convenience while still offering a wide and ever growing flavour range!

Click HERE to check out the STLTH device and pods on our website!



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